Friday, March 16, 2012


I see that some folks are still visiting the blog and I thank you all for coming to read. I strongly believe that people living alone need to enjoy at least one of the many tasks we have to keep ourselves alive…cooking. Not many of us enjoy the day to day housework, laundry, etc that we must tackle alone. Food, however, can become an outlet for creativity that can be enjoyable both in the preparation and consumption.

Recently I’ve had a turn in my life that has taken me from cooking and eating for one, to cooking and eating for three. Both of my parents, Dad is 84 and Mom is 78, have reached the stage in their lives when living alone is no longer an option. Dementia is evident in both and where my Mother was always the best cook around, she can no longer put a meal together.

I’ve brought them both to Ohio to live with me and now my life is filled with activities I never thought I’d be undertaking. For two people whose lives revolved around mealtimes, it’s a hard act to follow to keep them both fed on a timely basis. Three full meals a day plus evening snack time are the high points of their day.

So for now, there is very little Simple Meals for One going on in my humble home. I will still put up some entries I’ve been working on regarding kitchen tools and hints that I’ve found to be extremely helpful when cooking for myself. If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them, I do check for those from time to time.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out my other blog Old Biddy Loose on the Town for some of my other activities, including some entries about living with aging parents with dementia.

To borrow a catch phrase from Jacques Pepin, Happy Cooking!

Make the most of meals on your own, you have no one to please but yourself!